Fuel Saving Calculator

The cost of fuel is a significant percentage of a vehicles total running costs. Do you know how much it costs to run your vehicles, and more importantly how much fuel can you save, especially if you train your drivers to operate your Scania vehicles more effectively?

That is the question we have been asking ourselves, and we also understand that the more vehicles you operate, the greater the fuel bill, but potentially the more you could save.

A fact you should consider, is that training will give your drivers the skills they need to drive your vehicles more effectively, better using the technology, and using their new found skills, such as improved anticipation. Combine this with the fact that Scania engines and transmissions are designed to work in harmony together, and you’ll see a reduction in fuel consumption, saving you money every mile.

To understand what savings can be made, enter your basic vehicle information about your average fleet vehicle, your current mpg, annual mileage, cost of fuel and your mpg objective. The calculator will work out your potential saving if you can improve your fuel consumption by the value shown. By adding in the cost of training, you will be able to gauge the saving after you have invested. Even with this training investment you will clearly see the savings possible, which all add up.

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